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For eons, certain organizations have used religion to paint an unflattering picture of Hell, filled with torment and suffering in a landscape made of fire and brimstone. Furthermore, they have compelled individuals into obedience through terror tactics, threatening them with a life in Hell if they do no obey a manipulated set of laws. And while they appropriately have associated freedom of thought, expression, and love with Hell, they have maliciously condemned these liberties in order to exercise further control over their subjects.

Demon Co is here to set the record straight, and to introduce Hell to your world in its true, unmaligned essence, through the efforts of organizations promoting the celebration of many of life's great pleasures, such as Immoralities, Pink Demon, and the Love Pirate.
  • Public Relations
  • Image Consulting
  • Branding and Brand Marketing
  • Trademark Filing and Defense
  • Arbitration and Negotiation
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